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Enviro-Wash Systems | Environmentally Friendly Fleet and Machinery Washing

Are you a building/facility owner or manager and are looking for an environmentally friendly, reliable and cost effective solution?

Enviro-Wash Systems recognises the importance of keeping your buildings and facilities to a certain level of cleanliness. Whenever a customer walks through your front door, ensuring that your work area not only creates a good impression but it immediately begins to build trust & authority.
We manage all of areas of facility and building cleaning services from your facade, roof to the carpark.

Buildings & Ground Cleaning

Enviro-Wash Systems ensures that your buildings and grounds are impressively clean and organised. The importance of having a clean exterior is often overlooked, however the first impression a shabby/ dirty building can have on a potential customer can be everlasting.

Building Maintenance Services

Ensuring the maintenance and upkeep of your building/facility isn't only important but it is illegal to neglect. State & federal legislations states that all facility & building owners need to ensure a safe level of upkeep within their facilities. Enviro-Wash Systems has over 20 years of experience working within these legilsations and providing a high level of care & maintenance.

Health & Safety

We understand that ensuring your building & facilities are of the held to the safest standards for your customers, clients and employee's is extremely important. Because of this we work to ensure that the cleaning and maintenance services we provide can help prevent any accidents from occurring within your facility.

Why Choose Us?

Enviro-Wash Systems has over 20 years expreince in ensuring your facilities & buildings are cleaned and maintained to the highest of standards. Some of the main reasons why our existing clients have chosen us over the competitors is because we put the needs and satisfaction of our clients over anything else. We continously strive towards a high level of customer satisfaction.
We are also a cost-effective solution that is a industry leader. We have always strived to match our competitors when it comes to price and we will continue to do so.
Finally, Enviro-Wash Systems makes the environment a priority when it comes to our facility washing solutions. We have been given awards for our efforts in reducing the impact of our cleaning practices on the environment not only for ourselvess but also helping with our clients environmental practices.

Why Choose Us?

Customer Feedback

Enviro-Wash takes customer feedback very seriously and we value the comments we receive. We also believe in establishing a routine of being proactive about the feedback we receive. Because of this we provideĀ 3 question feedback form to all of our customers at job completion, we are asked to be graded out of 10 on each question. Below is the average feedback from all of our customers.

Overall Job Satisfaction
Professionalism/ Friendliness of Staff
Quality of Work
Cost of the Project

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