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Enviro-Wash Systems | Environmentally Friendly Fleet and Machinery Washing

Enviro-Wash Systems | Fleet Washing

About Enviro-Wash Systems

Enviro-Wash Systems has been a market leader in the South East Queensland region for over 20 years. The need for a reliable & effective mobile washing system was growing and Enviro-Wash Systems looked to fill the void. Within it’s first years of opening we were able to establish ourselves through hard work and high levels of customer satisfaction. Our environmentally friendly practices had earned us recognition and we were quickly granted awards for our dilligence to helping the environment.

Benefits of
using Enviro-Wash Systems

Enviro-Wash Systems offer many advantages & benefits, these include:

  • No waste products left on site
  • No waste cost removal
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No risk of liability in terms of Environmental Offences
  • Improved corporate image, which helps in retaining & increasing existing client base.


Enviro-Wash Systems helps you in cutting your costs through:

  • No relocation to other sites for cleaning i.e. savings in downtime drivers, fuel costs, wear & tear on vehicles, traffic hold-ups, etc.
  • More reliable and better maintained equipment through a regular service wash program
  • Less downtime on servicing & maintenance
  • No expensive wash bay facilities required, to conform to current regulations
  • Assured quality services
  • Assured timely services
  • Increased market scope & image through environmentally friendly cleaning maintenance programs
Enviro-Wash Systems is 100% Australian owned and operate. Our state of the art mobile system is designed to:-
Conform to all statutory and regulative legislation;
Initiate cost effective pricing;
Meet all environmental issues;
Provide accountability for the collection and treatment of waste;
Set new industry standards in the processing of liquid waste onsite .